The Hang Fire Cookbook
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Not sure how to tell your Pichana steak from your Feather Blade, your Pecan wood from your Hickory?

It may surprise you to know that we didn’t grow up slathering whole hogs with vinegar or digging fire pits on Welsh beaches in pursuit of the perfect Hawaiian-style pig! We once ate burnt burgers instead of burnt ends and sauced our meat solely with ketchup…

Fast forward five years – via our life-changing journey through the Southern States, an award-winning street food venture, and many secrets shared and lessons learnt – and we’re finally ready to share our obsession with smoke and fire with you in our first self-penned tome.

The Hang Fire Cookbook relives tales from our USA road trip and reveals how to create our delicious recipes (with the secrets behind that all-important smoke and BBQ perfection!) We explain the basics of getting started with a home smoker and the different types of wood, rubs, cures and brines that work best with certain types of meat. Our approach is pretty simple: get the best ingredients – always locally sourced if you can – cook them low ‘n’ slow, and tuck in!

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