Barbecue Bulletin No #3: May 24th

More than just a cookbook…

Howdy y’all!

Hope you’re enjoying the gorgeous weather! Hard to believe May is almost over, but for us that can only mean one thing: BBQ season has arrived!!! Perfectly timed with the launch of our lovely new paperback edition of The Hang Fire Cookbook!

When the hardback of the cookbook launched just 3 short years ago we couldn’t have had any idea it’d go on to become an international bestseller. Currently the only BBQ book written by two women (in the ever male-dominated world of smoke and fire) we tried to compile a kind of A-Z of BBQ know-how; whether you’re a pro, an enthusiast, or even a complete beginner.

Getting stuck into BBQ is some of the best fun you’ll ever have but it can take a lot of hard graft to get it right so we wanted the book to cover some of the nitty gritty essentials: how to build your own smoker, a guide to grilling, and the best way to add smoke to your fire – how to tell your hickory from your beech, what flavour they produce and the meats that they suit.

And that’s before we’ve even started on our epic roadtrip of a lifetime through the southern states of America. From Georgia to Texas, Alabama to Tennessee and everywhere in between, the cookbook chronicles our entire journey through the finger-lickin’ food we ate and the valuable lessons we learnt.

When it comes to the recipes themselves, there’s an all-important section on rubs and sauces (bacon jam is an absolute must for every larder!), a generous portion of sides, pickles and buns (we challenge you to find any dish that our favourite hasselback potatoes can’t accompany), refreshing tipples and delicious desserts, and of course, the starring ingredient: magnificent meat in all its glorious forms.

Learn how to cook your steak ‘dirty’ and your pig wings hot. Discover the secret to barbecuing a life changing brisket complete with beautiful burnt ends, and ensure your birds are brined to perfection for a succulent juicy feast.

So if you’re tempted to ‘fork out’ and give the new paperback Hang Fire Cookbook a crack, head on over to Waterstones, Amazon or any of your finest book retailers right now! Same content, same BBQ secrets in all their glory, just with a brand new smokin’ cover. (And it’s just that little bit smaller and lighter too, so ideal for taking outdoors and reading as you BBQ!)

And once you’ve delved in and picked your first recipe, please don’t forget to share your pics with us on social media, or a few words in the review section if you have a minute to spare!

Sam & Shauna

New cover
Pig Wings
Cola Hot Wings