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Mai-Thai Thighs

This dish is an adaptation of some tasty chicken we ate at a little Thai café just off Union Street in San Francisco. It borrows from classic Thai flavours and pairs with the citrus punch of a mai-tai cocktail. This marinade works well on all manner of chicken cuts, whether it be halves, whole or quarters.

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It’s all about the Slaws

In honour of Veganuary and a healthy start to the year, we’ve put together a couple of our favourite slaw recipes. For us, the key to a good slaw comes from balancing the vegetables and acidity to find that perfect balance of flavours. It needn’t be all about the mayo!

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Turkey Crown & Whole Turkey

At Christmas time, we sell a lot of smoked turkey crowns, as well as smoking turkey throughout the year for our turkey cubanos or smokehouse club sandwiches. If you’re not a fan of turkey due to memories of feather spitting, dry, festive dinners, please give one of these options a go – it’ll change your mind, we promise!

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Maple Bacon Weaved Pork Tenderloin

This is a decadent little dish that uses a fillet of pork or pork tenderloin, and is almost a more refined version of the barbecue classic, bacon explosion. The bacon weave still makes an appearance, mainly because the more reasons you have to make a mat out of bacon in your life, frankly, the better.

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