Author: Samantha Evans

Perfect Pork & Halloumi BurgersPerfect Pork & Halloumi Burgers

Wherever we went in the States, burgers were always a sure-fire hit. Every town or city seemed to have numerous impressive burger joints filled with hungry diners of every demographic, from grandparents to hipsters.

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In honour of Veganuary and a healthy start to the year, we’ve put together a couple of our favourite slaw recipes. For us, the key to a good slaw comes from balancing the vegetables and acidity to find that perfect balance of flavours. It needn’t be all about the mayo!

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Copenhagen is vibrant city that proudly showcases the old world as well as fully embracing the modern. The architecture is breathtakingly beautiful and the food scene here is one that really deserves its reputation.

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At Christmas time, we sell a lot of smoked turkey crowns, as well as smoking turkey throughout the year for our turkey cubanos or smokehouse club sandwiches. If you’re not a fan of turkey due to memories of feather spitting, dry, festive dinners, please give one of these options a go – it’ll change your mind, we promise!

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We get asked a lot if we knew we wanted to make barbecue our business before we left for America. The truth is we didn’t. Not for certain anyway. Although we were falling in love with American barbecue, we even made a little ourselves, and were a fan of the emerging slow and low scene in London, we hadn’t settled on that one idea for our future.

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