Author: Samantha Evans

The Ultimate Guide to Grilling

In order to be the master or mistress of your grill, practice really does make perfect. No two grills are the same – there will be hot spots and cold spots, and you’ll start to get a feel for how the air moves through the chamber. Even the wind speed and direction will alter the cooking time and temperature. Try using these tips on direct and indirect heat and most importantly, persevere as you feel your way. We promise it’ll be worth the effort!

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To the celebrate the Summer finally arriving (and the end of all that rain!) we dropped in to see Lynn Bowles for Foodie Friday Kitchen on BBC Radio Wales. On the menu: vibrant Cured Wild Sockeye Salmon Tacos with juicy Grilled Peaches and creamy Queso Fresco

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Hard to believe May is almost over, but for us that can only mean one thing: BBQ season has arrived!!! Perfectly timed with the launch of our lovely new paperback edition of The Hang Fire Cookbook!

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Things’ve been heating up here in the land of BBQ, with the launch of our brand new series of Sam and Shauna’s Big Cook-Out on BBC One Wales. Hard to believe it’s been a whole year since Series One first aired! Now we’re back on the road celebrating the achievements of community champions across the Welsh nation and experimenting with unique barbecue flavours to represent the incredible people we meet along the way. Series Two sees some of our biggest challenges to date, from our first EVER all-out vegetarian cook-out to the mother of all seafood barbecues cooked in a giant pit on the beach!

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This dish is an adaptation of some tasty chicken we ate at a little Thai café just off Union Street in San Francisco. It borrows from classic Thai flavours and pairs with the citrus punch of a mai-tai cocktail. This marinade works well on all manner of chicken cuts, whether it be halves, whole or quarters.

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